quinta-feira, 20 de setembro de 2007

Requiem (13-09-2007)

Save me!
You say, lying on that cold bed.
At first, you beg me.
Afterwards, as the knife reaches your chest,
You order me: save me!
They cut you. The incision is small,
but the wound on you pride is much bigger.
Like that, exposed to the world, you’re weak
and asking for salvation.
I don’t resist, I squeeze your hand and kiss your sweated forehead.

Everything was over soon. And I hear your whisper:
Thank you, Orlando, for saving me.

terça-feira, 31 de julho de 2007

Naked Truths

NAKED TRUTHS (31-07-2007)

Everything comes up. You can fight it but, even if it is irrelevant in the time in which it’s found, the truth always appears. That’s why there are no secrets. There are no secrets from me to you. There are mysteries, yes, but not secrets. I might not know your core, but I know who you are, I know the smell of your essence. Just like you know me in body, but not in soul.

I fight to show you

A bigger part of me.

Let you finally see

My true self.

It may be hard but I won’t quit, because I know you’ll find me.

sexta-feira, 27 de julho de 2007

Without inspiration

It's true, it happens. And now it happened to me. You cannot force something that should flow naturally from the mind to the hand, from the hand to the pencil, from pencil to the paper.

Therefore, I am only going to make new additions to this blog when I have something new to say.

quinta-feira, 26 de julho de 2007

Society (26-07-2007)

To be alone.
What does it mean?
Does it have a meaning?
No, we say.
And the others?
We are not alone in the world.
And what about who is?
What it happens to them?
Nothing, we say.
Why would it happen?
In the end it only remains us.
And nothing happens.

Godot never comes.

quarta-feira, 25 de julho de 2007

The word (20-07-2007)

Agora, Maintenant,
Now, Astèr, Ahora.
They all describe the moment that doesn’t exist.
The Now is an illusion.
The Now is past.
Because it doesn’t exist, it becomes attractive and even mystical.
What is the Now?
The Now is a word.
More than a word,
the Now is the word.

terça-feira, 24 de julho de 2007

The human god (20-07-2007)

You speak another language.
I fight to understand you
and to know you.
You have hope, I know.
But hope of becoming someone,
of loving someone.
Me, I have hope of becoming you,
of loving you.
You are almost superior, you look like a god
who has decided to live the life of a human.
You have philosophies and you think,
you sing about your understanding of the world.
I sing about you, about my desire to love you,
the human god!

domingo, 22 de julho de 2007

I wish…

… I could be different. I think of myself as being as artistic person. It’s a characteristic of my personality that pleases me. But, if we look deep into it, what do I really do, artistic-wise?
I write a few poems, I start a few scripts. I like to write.
I’d like to know how to draw. To express my thoughts and feelings through a simple stroke of a pencil or brush of a paint. But I don’t know how to draw, I simply don’t have the talent.
I’d like to know how to sing. To have the voice to scream at the world everything that’s wrong with it. Having a voice to be heard. But, unfortunately, I’ve never trained my voice.
I’d like to know how to play an instrument. To have the most beautiful object in the world in my hands, ready to make Art and History with it. I didn’t care for it until it was almost too late.
Above everything, I’d like to know how to dance. I’d like to know how to manipulate my body to find my soul. To dance is to have a second life, to have a second chance to do everything we want
And I won’t stop to follow this dream until it comes true. Because it’s because we stay in the world of “I’d like to…” that we don’t do in life what we want.

So, I will act now and I will dance.